Security Screws and Drivers

Tamper proof, or tamper-resistant screws provide an added level of protection against vandalism, theft or other tampering threats with a drive design that prevents removal with ordinary screw drivers. Security screws are available in sheet metal, self-drilling or machine screw threads. Choose from a variety of anti-theft drive styles including Spanner, Pin Head and Socket Pin Head, Torx, Opsit Reverse Thread and Tri-Wing, also known as triangular recess. Stainless steel security screws are most commonly manufactured; however, AFT also offers a few brass security screws with machine threads.

Tamper-Resistant Screw Drive Styles

Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes Spanners

The original Snake Eyes® Spanner requires matching drive bit reducing the chances of unauthorized removal. Available in 18-8 stainless steel in a wide range of sizes and head styles. Some machine screws available in brass.
Phillips Pin Head 

Phillips Pin-Head

Traditional Phillips drive with tamper-resistant pin added for security. Easy to drive & remove with matching tool. (Cannot be removed with Phillips Screwdriver.) Available in machine & sheet metal screws with flat or pan head design.

Socket Pin Head 

Socket Pin-Head

Engineered for a high degree of tamper-resistance offering positive engaging, high torque transmission while resisting cam-out and tool wear. Available in button & flat head design or set screws (special order). Matching drive bit required for installation and removal.

 One-Way Slotted

One-Way Slotted

Popular design installs with standard screwdriver. Reverse side cammed out to prevent unauthorized removal. Machine and sheet metal screws available in round, truss or oval head designs.

 Torx Pin Head

Torx Pin-Head

Maximum torque transfer & positive tool engagement means easier drive installation with less pressure & slippage. Torx® Pin-Head offers a high degree of security & requires matching drive bit. Available in Button & Flat-Head machine screws & Button, Flat & Pan-head design sheet metal screws.



Economical Tri-Wing® tamper-resistant screws are the common choice for high volume assembly operations while offering a minimal degree of security. Machine & sheet metal screws are offered in a Pan-Head design and Opsit® reverse thread.


TP3 Triangular

New trilobular drive offers a high degree of security requiring matching tool bit.


Opsit Reverse Thread

Opsit® is a reverse thread sheet metal screw that installs counter-clockwise, thus, tightens if removal is attempted. Available with a low profile truss head and Tri-Wing® drive.

Tamper-Resistant Screw Head Styles

In addition to innovative drive styles, tamper-proof fasteners are designed with specialized head styles that add either to the appearance of the screw when installed or to the security value of the screw. With a range of head styles, you are sure to find the perfect tamper-resistant screw for your project.

 Pan Head

Pan Head Security Screws

The low-profile of pan head security screws offers added strength due to its high-edged crown and large diameter head that spreads the bearing load across a broad surface area.

 Truss Head

Truss Head Security Screws

Truss head tamper-resistant screws offer added protection against vice-grip removal due their low-profile, sloped head design. The large diameter of the truss head lends additional strength to the fastener.

 Oval Head

Oval Head Security Screws

Gently-rounded oval heads can be used in countersunk applications. The unique head style offers a deep recess but slightly protrudes from the surface so as to be visible.

 Flat Head

Flat Head Security Screws

Flat tamper-proof security screws can be countersunk into soft materials or driven flush with metal surface materials. They offer a clean, uncluttered appearance.

 Round Head

Round Head Security Screws

The most commonly used head style for general purpose applications, round head security screws feature a high crown with a deep recess. Its head diameter is smaller than both the pan and truss head screws.

 Button Head

Button Head Security Screws

With a low-profile, and therefore a shallow recess, button head screws are suitable for general purpose applications.

Tamper-resistant security fasteners must be installed and removed with special tools designed to coordinate with each drive style. Browse our Security Tools & Kits for the correct matching tools required. Our knowledgeable sales team is here to help with any questions or if you need to request a quote for custom plating on your security screw order.