Hog Rings

Hog rings are C- or D-shaped fasteners used to connect a wide variety of materials. They are made of heavy-gauge wire and have sharp beveled endpoints that can penetrate most materials, including heavy textiles, wood, tree bark, and metal. Hog rings are used in a variety of industries, including agriculture, construction, fencing, furniture manufacturing, and automotive upholstery.

Here are some specific examples of how hog rings are used:

  • Agriculture: Hog rings are used to attach tags to livestock, secure fencing, and close mesh bags.
  • Construction: Hog rings are used to fasten insulation to walls, secure roofing materials, and attach signage.
  • Fencing: Hog rings are used to attach wire fencing to posts and to secure wire mesh.
  • Furniture manufacturing: Hog rings are used to attach fabric to furniture frames and to secure upholstery.
  • Automotive upholstery: Hog rings are used to attach fabric to car seats, headliners, and other interior components.

Hog rings are installed using a specialized tool called a hog ring plier. The plier squeezes the ring closed, which causes the beveled endpoints to pierce the materials being fastened together. Hog rings provide a very secure connection and are relatively inexpensive and easy to use.