Hole Saws & Hole Cutters

When it's time to drill large diameter holes for door locksets, plumbing pipes or electrical conduit, reach for a hole saw, or hole cutter bit. A hole cutter is an annular, or ring shaped, saw blade with saw-like teeth cut into the top edge. Powered by a hand-held drill, it makes smooth, ring-shaped cuts in metal, plastic, pipe and wood by drilling a ring of material instead of drilling out all of the material in a hole as a traditional drill or spade bit does. This enables faster drilling times when making large diameter holes. Hole depth, however, is limited by the depth of the hole saw itself, though there are ways to extend the drilling length. Most hole saws mount to a centering guide, called an arbor, that creates a pilot hole as well as holds the hole cutter drill in place and keeps it from walking. Some arbors are part of a holecutter assembly while some hole saws require a separate arbor.

Selecting a Hole Cutter

AFT offers a wide range of hole cutter drill bits and arbors to go with them as well as assorted hole saw sets from trusted brands including Lenox Tools, Irwin and Norseman Drill & Tool. Choose from rugged carbide tipped blades, bi-metal varieties, which are ideal for metal cutting applications, and diamond hole saws designed for powering through brick, concrete, glass and rock. Many hole cutter bits feature slots which aid in the removal of chips and debris. Hole saws are available in diameters that span from 9/16" to 6-1/4", and several specialized styles can be found at AFT, including ¼” quick-release hole saws and single-tooth rough wood cutters. Our experienced sales staff is here to help, so contact us if you need assistance locating the right machine cutting accessory for your job.