SAE Washers

SAE flat washers are specified by the Society of Automotive Engineers to meet the requirements of automotive manufacturers. They have a smaller diameter and thinner thickness then their counterpart bolt sizes of USS flat washers. Standard SAE washers can be made from a low carbon steel or stainless steel and plated with zinc, HDG, or black oxide. SAE through-hardened flat washers are made with a higher grade of steel (SAE 1035 – 1050 steel) and heat-treated. They are designed to perform the same functions as low carbon SAE flat washers, but for use specifically with high-strength hardened steel bolts. Product standards require all through-hardened washers 1/4” diameter and larger to bear the insignia identifying its manufacturer. 

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SAE Washer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does SAE stand for in fasteners?

A: SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers. There are three main systems of bolt classifications: SAE, Metric and ASTM.

Q: What is the difference between an SAE flat washer and a USS Flat washer?

A: SAE flat washers have a smaller outer diameter and thinner than their counterpart USS flat washer.