Flat Washers

AFT, a trusted supplier of fasteners and hardware, offers an extensive range of flat washers in various sizes, materials, and specifications to meet the specific needs of their customers. Flat washers are a crucial component used beneath the head of a bolt or nut to distribute the fastener load evenly over a wider surface area, thereby preventing damage to the fastened materials.

Flat washers are particularly useful when used in conjunction with steel screws and aluminum surfaces since they act as a barrier and reduce the likelihood of corrosion. In addition to standard flat washers, AFT also provides different types of flat washers such as MIL-Spec flat washers, SAE flat washers, USS flat washers, narrow flat washers, HDG flat washers, and L9 thick flat washers.

AFT's in-house plating shop and manufacturing facilities are well-equipped to provide custom washers and specialty plated washers such as Xylan, silver, or black oxide, based on your application requirements. Their experienced sales team is available to assist you in selecting the appropriate flat washers for your project. Shop their comprehensive selection today to find the perfect flat washer for your specific needs.

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