Specialty Pliers

Pliers are a essential multipurpose tool for many industries, and many are specifically made for unique uses. MIG welding pliers are a multipurpose tool that is efficient in the removal of welding splatter, drawing out wire, removing or installing contact tips and nozzles, and other tasks. Safety wire twisting pliers twist and cut wires that have been attached to fasteners. Battery terminal spreader and reamers are used to spread and clean battery clamps in one smooth motion. Cannon plug pliers are used for the installation and removal of electrical connectors eliminating damage to connector lock rings. Clic clamp pliers are used to mount and remove hose clamps. Hemostat pliers allow for delicate work in tight spaces. AFT offers all of these specialty options and more. Shop our online selection or contact us today for a custom quote. Our knowledgeable sales team is available to help.