Square Washers

Choose AFT for a large selection of square washers including slotted hole square plate washers, square beveled washers, square beveled malleable washers and more. We offer many different sizes, thicknesses and materials including hardened steel and steel with either a plain or hot dipped galvanized finish. When choosing a washer size, be sure to choose the dimensions that matches the bolt size being paired. If you’re needing a size or style of square washer not currently listed on our website, please contact us today for a custom quote. We’re here to help!

Slotted Square Plate Washers

Slotted hole square plate washers allow for adjustability for bolts that are not in the middle of the plate. They are available in plain or hot dipped galvanized for additional corrosion protection in harsh environments.

Square Beveled Washers – Hardened and Malleable

Square beveled washers are most commonly used when you have two unparalleled surfaces that need to be bolted together, such as fastening bolts through the flanges of I-beams in structural applications. The type of beveled washer required depends on the material of the bolt being used. For instance, when A490 or A325 are required, you will need to use hardened beveled washers (F436). Malleable beveled washers are suitable for most other applications.

Square Plate Washers

Designed to limit stress on contacting parts, square washers are useful for reducing noise, vibration and electrical current. Required in many building codes, square plate washers are more effective in creating a good friction connection between the sill plate and the anchor bolt.