Step Bolts

Step bolts feature a wider, lower-profile, round head and are similar to carriage bolts in bearing surface and square-neck design. Step bolts are commonly used in decking applications, or where wood is bolted down because the larger diameter head of the step bolt will not pull through the soft wood. Step bolts' smooth, low, rounded head design also permits movement over the surface. As a step bolt supplier, AFT Fasteners offers a wide range of sizes, from No. 10 thru 3/8” diameter, and lengths from 3/4” up to 4”. If your application requires additional corrosion/rust protection, the Zinc CR+3 finish is your best option over the plain, uncoated finish. AFT is always here to help, so if you don’t see the exact step bolt or size you need, please contact us for assistance.

Note: To determine the thread length of the step bolt, the thread length will equal twice the basic bolt diameter plus .25”.

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