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Hex Tap bolts, also known as fully-threaded hex bolts, feature a pointed end. They are designed to be used in a drilled or tapped hole where a cap screw or stud would be impractical, and they are useful in a variety of automotive and industrial applications. AFT supplies grades 2, 5, 8 and stainless steel tap bolts. Stainless steel tap bolts are made from 18-8 stainless steel and used in environments corrosive to carbon steel.

Grade 2, 5, and 8 Tap Bolts

Grade 2 Tap Bolts: A low carbon, hex head bolt with a machined point and fully threaded. Grade-2 tap bolts are made from AISI 1006 – 1025 or equivalent steel, and to be used in drilled and tapped holes that are threaded full length. They can be used instead of a stud or nut.

Grade 5 Tap Bolts: A fully threaded hex bolt made from AISI -1541 or equivalent medium carbon steel and heat treated. 4037 modified steel (alloy) is also acceptable. Grade-5 tap bolts are commonly used to mount motors to machinery or other automotive applications.

Grade 8 Tap Bolts: A tap bolt made from medium carbon alloy and heat treated. Grade-8 tap bolts are used in automotive and fleet industries where greater tensile strength is required that can be met by the Grade-5 bolt.

Product standards require the manufacturer’s head marking to appear on the top of all bolts 1/4” diameter and larger. Click HERE for additional information on hex tap bolts.AFT Fasteners is your trusted hex tap bolt distributor, offering low prices on bulk and small package quantities. Please contact us today with any questions regarding hex tap bolts, standard hex bolts, hex cap screws, or any product needed for your application. 

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