All Threaded Rods

All thread rods (ATR) are long, straight metal rods with continuous threading along their entire length. They are commonly made from materials such as zinc plated carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, or aluminum. Threaded rods are used in a variety of applications where a strong, secure connection is required between two objects or surface. They generally cannot be substituted for a headed bolt when needing a high strength fastener.

ATRs are widely used in construction, industrial and commercial applications. They are a convenient way to join two surfaces that are not usually threaded. They can be used to hang pipes or electrical conduits from ceilings or walls, secure heavy machinery to the floor, or as a component in mechanical systems.

ATRs come in various sizes and thread pitches to fit specific applications. They can be cut to custom lengths or bent to specific shapes. This makes them a versatile option for many uses.

AFT Fasteners stocks standard ATRs in inch sizes with diameters ranging from #6 up to 2-1/2" and metric sizes M5 up to M36. Lengths range from 1 foot up to 12 feet and metric 1 meter up to 3 meters.

For lengths below 12" or 18", see studs.

All Threaded Rod Grades & Materials

Our most commonly supplied materials and grades include:

  • Low Carbon
  • ACME Rods
  • ASTM A193 Grade B7
  • ASTM A320 L7
  • ASTM A193 B16
  • ASTM A449
  • ASTM A242
  • Brass
  • 304 & 316 Stainless Steel

Types of Threaded Rods

  • Fully Threaded Rods: These rods have threads along their entire length and are used when a secure connection is required from end to end. They are commonly used in construction, plumbing, and electrical applications. Also called redi-rods or threaded bar.
  • Double-Ended Threaded Rods: These rods have threads on both ends, allowing for a connection or attachment at each end. They are often used for suspending items or as a component in assemblies where fastening is needed at both ends.
  • Partially Threaded Rods: These rods have threads on only a portion of their length, typically at both ends. The unthreaded section in the middle provides stability and support, while the threaded ends allow for secure fastening with nuts or other components.
  • Acme Threaded Rods: Acme threads have a trapezoidal shape, with wider and deeper threads compared to standard threads. They are commonly used in applications that require high load capacity and precise motion control, such as lead screws for linear actuators and lifting mechanism.
  • Left-Handed Threaded Rods: Most threaded rods have right-handed threads, which means they are tightened by rotating them clockwise. However, left-handed threaded rods have threads that are tightened by rotating them counterclockwise. They are used in specific applications where reverse threading is required, such as in certain machinery or specialized fastening systems.
  • Metric Threaded Rods: Metric threaded rods use the metric system for thread sizing, which is common in many countries outside of the United States. These rods have metric pitch and thread dimensions and are used in applications that follow metric standards.

Custom Manufactured ATR's Capabilities

AFT’s in-house manufacturing and plating facilities allow us to provide threaded rods custom cut, threaded and finished per our customer’s request. We’re able to supply diameters ranging from ¼” through 4” and lengths up to 20 ft. for most grades and materials. For lengths under 18 inches, see Threaded Studs.

Finishes include: Plain, Manganese Phosphate, Black Oxide, Zinc, Zinc Nickel, Zinc Phosphate, Zinc Chromate, Cadmium, Copper Coated, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Passivated, and Xylan.