All Threaded Rods

All thread rods (ATR), also known as fully threaded rods, continuously threaded rods, and redi-rods, and are used to join together and stabilize objects and structures made of wood, metal, and concrete. They are found in plumbing, contracting, and maintenance applications and generally cannot be substituted for a headed bolt when needing a high strength fastener.

All Threaded Rod Grades & Materials

Our most commonly supplied materials and grades include:

  • Low Carbon Threaded Rods
  • ACME Threaded Rods
  • ASTM A193 B7 Threaded Rods
  • ASTM A320 L7 Threaded Rods
  • ASTM A193 B16 Threaded Rods
  • ASTM A449 Threaded Rods
  • ASTM A242 Threaded Rods
  • Brass Threaded Rods
  • 304 & 316 Stainless Steel Threaded Rods

Custom Manufactured All Threaded Rod Capabilities

AFT’s in-house manufacturing and plating facilities allow us to provide threaded rods custom cut, threaded and finished per our customer’s request. We’re able to supply diameters ranging from ¼” through 4” and lengths up to 20 ft. for most grades and materials. Finishes include but are not limited to: Plain, Manganese Phosphate, Black Oxide, Zinc, Zinc Nickel, Zinc Phosphate, Zinc Chromate, Cadmium, Copper Coated, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Passivated, and Xylan.

Please contact us today with questions on our standard or custom threaded rods.