Drywall Anchors - Heavy Duty Wall Anchors

Heavy duty drywall anchors from AFT Fasteners are hardware devices used to securely attach objects to drywall or other hollow wall materials. They are designed to provide extra support and strength for items that are too heavy or bulky to be supported by simple screws or nails alone.

Heavy duty drywall anchors come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, but they typically consist of a screw or bolt that is inserted into the wall, along with a mechanism for expanding or gripping the surrounding material. This can include options like toggle bolts, molly bolts, or self-drilling anchors.

When properly installed, heavy duty drywall anchors can help distribute the weight of the object being hung across a larger surface area of the wall, reducing the risk of damage or failure. They are commonly used for hanging items such as shelving, large mirrors, artwork, and other heavy objects.

Our anchors are sold in bulk or small package quantities and are most commonly manufactured from nylon, plastic, steel or zamac alloy. When deciding on an wall anchor among the dozens of varieties on the market, it is essential to consider how much weight the anchor needs to support and the wall material that you are drilling into.

Wall Anchor Selection Guide

Hollow wall anchors, also known as molly bolts, molly anchors and drive anchors, combine heavy duty holding power and clever design into a versatile drywall anchor screw that is easy to install. Manufactured from steel, hollow wall anchors consist of a machine screw threaded through a slotted metal sleeve. As the screw is tightened, the metal sleeve expands outward and collapses tightly against the back of the wall, disbursing the load across a larger area and holding the anchor firmly in place. The machine screw can be removed and re-inserted without altering the effectiveness of the anchor

Lead wall anchors are designed for use with sheet meal or wood screws in concrete, block or brick.

Nylon or plastic drywall expansion anchors, including Bantam plugs, Scru-lead anchors and Sharkie expansion wall anchors, are the most common type of wall anchors and come in a variety of styles and sizes. While commonly used, they are the weakest choice, suitable only for light loads when the force is applied perpendicular to the anchor. Plastic wall anchors should not be used in overhead applications or to secure heavy furniture to a wall as the anchor can pull loose.

Threaded, self-drilling drywall, or sheetrock, anchors are available in nylon, plastic and steel varieties. The large threads produce greater holding power in drywall and are less prone to work themselves loose over time. The Zip-It, EZ Twist and EZ-Ancor lines are typical self-drilling anchors.

Toggle drywall anchors or drywall butterfly anchors, are fasteners specifically used for hanging items on hollow walls such as drywall. They consist of a threaded bolt and a spring-loaded wing toggle that closes for passage through a hole, and once through, springs open to prevent the bolt from slipping back through.