Wood Screws

Wood screws are thread forming screws that have a gimlet point, and a sharp crested, coarse pitch thread. They create tight joints and can still be removed easily. They can be produced in two different ways: cut thread screws have a tapered shank while rolled thread screws have a constant shank diameter.

As a supplier of wood screws, AFT offers a wide variety of sizes, with a few of the most popular sizes being 3/4 inch wood screws3 inch wood screws, and 4 inch wood screws. Use the filters to the left to select the wood screw needed for your application. Please keep in mind that our in-house plating shop has the ability to custom plate your fasteners to your specs with processes including Xylan, black oxide, hot dipped galvanized, silver, e-nickel and more. Contact us today with any questions or to request a quote for our wholesale pricing– our knowledgeable staff is here to help!

Head Styles

Flat Head: A flat head wood screw has a countersunk head with a flat top surface and a cone-shaped bearing surface with a head angle of approximately 82 degrees. It’s used for applications where protrusion of the fastener above the mating surface is not wanted.

Oval Head: An oval head wood screw has a countersunk head with a rounded top surface and a cone-shaped bearing surface of approximately 82 degrees. It is preferred over a flat head screw in conical applications, or when a more decorative finished look is wanted.

Round Head: A round head wood screw has a semi-elliptical top surface and a flat bearing surface. It is used for general purpose applications.

Drive Styles

Phillips Drive Style: This style provides good control in driving. Remember to always use a driver bit that’s in good condition to avoid stripping.

Slotted Drive Style: This style requires less downward pressure to drive parts compared to a phillips drive. Remember to use a proper fitting blade to reduce slippage.


Brass wood screws are often used for their color appearance, moderate corrosion resistance, and because they can conduct electricity. However, they are not high in strength and nonmagnetic.

Steel wood screws are magnetic and malleable and when zinc plated, offers corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel wood screws provide excellent protection against corrosion and rust, and can be used with ACQ treated wood. Stainless screws are the most preferred for prolong outdoor use.

Length of Thread

Cut Thread Screws: The thread shall be approximately two-thirds of the nominal screw length.

Rolled Thread Screws: The thread shall be at least four times the basic screw diameter or two-thirds of the nominal screw length, whichever is greater. Screws of nominal lengths too short to accommodate the minimum thread length shall have threads extending as close to the underside of the head that is practical.

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