Simpson Strong-Tie #9 x 2" Strong-Drive WSV Subfloor Screws, Collated, Six Lobe, Rimmed Flat Head w/Nibs, Zinc Yellow (2,000/Pkg) #WSV2S

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Simpson Strong-Tie has re-engineered its popular subfloor screw to reduce driving force and increase installation speed. The new Strong-Drive WSV Subfloor screw has been developed for fastening subfloor sheathing using the Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving system.

The Strong-Drive WSV Subfloor screw is the only fastener to be dual-evaluated under ICC-ES AC233 and  AC120 for wood-frame subfloor fastening.

This testing indicates that the WSV Subfloor screws have lateral, shear and withdrawal values that exceed those of 10d common nails, and diaphragms built with WSV Subfloor screws meet or exceed the strength and stiffness of wood frame diaphragms built with 10d nails.

Also, Strong-Drive WSVF Subfloor screw for fire-retardant wood-based materials.

The Strong-Drive WSVF Subfloor screw is an available variant with a gray Quik Guard® coating that is recognized for corrosion resistance in IAPMO UES ER-192 for Exposures 1 and 3 as described in ICC-ES AC257. Like the WSV Subfloor screw, the WSVF Subfloor screws are designed for dry service applications. The coating system on the WSVF screws will provide corrosion resistance for use with wood and wood-based materials in dry service where the wood and wood-based materials have treatment retentions typical of AWPA Use Categories 1 to 4A and fire-retardant-treated wood and wood-based materials that are recognized in an evaluation report where corrosion effects of the fire-retardant chemical are referenced to code prescribed protection systems for carbon steel fasteners.

  • Redesigned tip and thread pattern provides easy starts and up to 25% less torque while driving1 — makes for up to 20% faster driving2
  • Less installation torque also means less wear on tools
  • Deep 6-lobe recessed ribbed head provides clean countersinking and more secure bit retention for fewer cam-outs
  • The holding power of WSV screws reduces the gaps between the joist and subfloor that cause floor squeaks
  • WSV screws can be easily backed out, allowing for future access to floor cavities
  • 6-lobe T25 drive bit (replacement bit BITTX25)

1. Test data shows the Strong-Drive WSV Subfloor screw requires up to 25% less driving torque in single-material LVL.
2. Test data indicates the redesigned WSV thread pattern will result in 20% faster screw installations.

  • Subfloor and sheathing projects 


Compatible Tools: Quik Drive® PRO200S, Quik Drive® PRO250G2, Quik Drive® PRO300S


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Collated Subfloor Screws
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Six Lobe / Torx
Zinc Yellow
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Rimmed Flat w/Nibs
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High-Low Threaded Tip
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